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Who is Vicky Hansen

Hi, my name is Vicky. I am a health and fitness fanatic, personal trainer, elite athlete for Team Massmartand mother. Vicky Hansen's Fitness is a personal training business which specialises in weight loss, post-pregnancy weight loss, running programs and on-line training programs. So if you need any help with any of those areas, you have come to the right place. Fitness and health is my life, I am passionate about women's health and I can assure you, I will help you reach your goals. 


What my clients have to say 

*It all started the day I gave birth to my daughter Alora, giving life was an amazing experience and I dedicated the 1st year of her life making a “no pressure” transition into motherhood. After her first birthday I made a decision to start working on my weight, my dress size had jumped from a size 8 to a 10 and at times a 12, I felt uncomfortable and did not feel like myself and knew that I had to find a personal trainer.

 I specifically looked for a female trainer and I came across Vicky Hansen Fitness on facebook, I visited her website and knew I wanted to work with her when I found out that she is also a mother. I guess you can then say that the rest is history , Vicky has not only helped me get back to a size 8 but she has become a friend. Her training method is special because she takes interest in your life, she becomes your cheerleader and is even a shoulder to cry on when needed. Her work outs are fierce and goal driven, you will work your butt off in each session!!!

 -  Lesedi Lebepe - Private Banker 

*Testimonials Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person


*I look forward to my training sessions with Vicky, as she keeps things interesting by using different exercises every session. As a new mom, Vicky knows when to push  and when to taper and as a result,my body has recovered really well. I have lost weight, toned and looking better then I was before being pregnant.

 -   Janine Thornton - Stay at home mom

*Testimonials Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person





Fitness video -  January 2018 



Energize with exercise 

Why exercise works to energize your body

Trying to convince someone who doesn’t enjoy exercise that it will actually help them feel more energized, often results in laughter and disbelief. It makes sense that they would be dubious, because in their experience doing physically exerting activities results in them feeling sore and tired. But the fact remains that even though we are burning more energy by moving our body, we are also creating more energy as well!

When you think about exercise in its basic form, it makes sense. You sit around your home all day and you start to feel lethargic and tired, simply because your body is in ‘rest’ mode. Your energy is being focused on digestion and basic functions, and there is really no need to pump your body full of hormones and energy when you are just lounging around in your PJ’s! But when you get up and do something simple like go for a quick walk, you will most likely notice that you start to feel more awake. The effect is instantaneous.

When we look at more strenuous exercise, such as a 45 minute cardio training session or a resistance workout, it seems strange that it would actually leave you feeling more energized. Yet it does! - And it does this both short term AND long term.

Let’s have a look at why:

First of all you have the instant effect. Your heart starts to pump faster and your breathing becomes more rapid so your whole body is flushed with oxygen rich blood. This helps energize your body with oxygen so you can keep on moving!

Then you have the cellular level effect. The more exercise you do the more you stimulate your metabolism and the more mitochondria your body produces. Mitochondria are the little energy creating organelles found within the very cells of your body. The more you create, the more energetic you feel!

Then on top of that, exercising provides you with an extra boost of endorphin's. These are specific hormones released into your body to help stimulate both your body and mind, so that you feel sharp and energized.

There are heaps of compelling reasons why we should all participate in different forms of exercise on a regular basis, but feeling more alert and energized is definitely up there on the benefits list! So if you are feeling a little lethargic for no good reason, then why not re-energize with exercise? Go for a walk, or move your body, and feel the difference it can have on your mood and energy levels!